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Do you want to learn how to work with diamonds, gemstones, and other precious metals? Do you have stunning ideas for designing necklaces, earrings, rings, and other jewellery pieces? If you have answered the above questions as a yes, then you should pursue our jewellery designing courses in Mumbai. 

The Gems and Jewellery designing are one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and brings in a lot of foreign exchange into the country. People today are conscious of what they wear and how they look. Jewellery that once used to basically for investment has now become more of a style statement. It has led to an increase in demand for creative jewellery designers who can create stunning pieces of jewellery for different occasions and moods. There is also a growing demand for a qualified jewellery designer in the global fashion industry to create designer jewellery for fashion shows and also for retailing purposes. 

The Jewelry Design Graduate course includes basic and advanced stages of manual jewellery design. Covering both India and International markets, this course allows students to explore their creativity and augment their knowledge in the most innovative and resourceful manner. This manual design jewellery course in Mumbai is aimed at individuals looking to improve their knowledge and hone their skills to learn how to design and create stunning jewellery pieces. Students enrolling in the course learn the basic skill sets such as cutting of stones, gems and metals, their engraving, polishing and also testing their quality. Unlike other jewellery designing degree courses in Mumbai, we focus on encouraging creative thinking and aesthetic understanding of fine and fashion jewellery designing processes. On the completion of the course, you will be able to gain knowledge of every small detail of the jewellery designing process.

If you are someone with a creative mind, the right imagination, and an understanding of the trends, then a manual jewellery design course would be perfect for you. This course will allow you to learn the basics of jewellery designing and all the other skills needed to be successful in it. 

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Why JK?

  Fabricating, crafting or rendering designs for jewelry
  Study course designed in conjunction with the needs of the modern jewellery design industry
  100% practical course – know how the real market functions, estimation, budgeting, etc.
  Expert teaching faculty with years of experience in the industry
  Self paced learning and individual attention provided to every student
  Constant professional guidance and feedback throughout the course
  Industry/ Market visit such as field trips/ mines/ museums/ exhibitions/ manufacturing units/ workshops
  Focus on refining individual creativity of each student as against a herd approach.
  Business / startup advisory as well as professional advise including placement assistance

JK Career Edge

  Jewelry Consultant
  Jewelry Designer
  Freelancer Jewellery Designing Business
  Jewelry Manufacturer
  PD Executive
  Arts and Cultural Jobs
  Fashion Accessory Designer


“Excellent place to learn jewelry designing. Faculty and all colleagues are very cooperative. Flexibility was provided during the course for blended learning which was beneficial. JK team was super understanding and patient."

Purvi Jayesh Bhandari 
Bhandari Gold And Jewellers Private Limited Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai

“I completed my Jewelry Design Graduate (Manual) from J K Diamonds Institute and it was a great experience and received immense knowledge. Within two days of completing the course I received a job opportunity at Tanishq at above par salary.”

Cheryl Mark Utankar
Tanishq Mumbai


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