Online Jewelry Designing Manual

In depth study and exploration of the creative and technical aspects of jewelry designing. Training that meets professional standards.

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Training beyond Sketching to be an Expert Jewelry Designer

Skills imparted to be an Expert
Jewelry Designer:

  • Visual imagination
  • An eye for detail
  • Adequate knowledge of past and present trends
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Knowledge of different metals & gemstones
  • Knowledge of manufacturing setup
  • Presentation skills
  • Portfolio with domestic and international designs

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Alumni Speak

and the teachings they provide is one to one so we can be very particular about things. And also they provide practical training by taking students to various places like inspiration trip to pagoda and giving depth study about the markets, inspiration to design ,etc.

Krushita Shah
Its really a very good institute. All teachers are very helpful they do guide us with complete knowledge about jewelry designing, faculties are very coping and helpful. It provide us with good professional learning environment. They provide us with best guidance. Really worth 👍
Kashish Parmar

Curriculum Overview

Module 1

  • Expertise in  jewelry design and jewelry artistry
  • Introduction to Elements and Principles of jewelry design

Module 2

  • Freehand Sketching of shapes and patterns
  • Get inspired by design elements. Develop the skills of turning inspirations into ideas.
  • Externalization of Ideas on paper
  • Use of simple tools for effective design
  • Improving designing and sketching speed.
  • Motif Study

Module 3

  • Technical aspects of jewelry mechanism
  • Technical drawing & Geometry
  • Drafting techniques to design jewelry

Module 4

  • Types of settings
  • Designing all types of jewelry
  • Variation in jewelry- rings, necklace, pendants earrings, men’s jewelry, etc.

Module 5

  • Color Aesthetics & Philosophy
  • Color Rendering & Application to Jewelry Designs
  • Render faceted gemstones, cabochons, and pearls
  • Rendering and texturing on metal
  • Finding & Fittings

Module 6

  • Indian and International Market styles
  • Sourcing and Creating new innovative jewellery designs
  • Budgeting according to industry requirements.
  • Creation of a professional portfolio to be competitive in the designer market
  • Concept of branded jewelry

Module 7

  • Cultural background of design to modern trends & styles in design
  • Theme based designing
  • Fusion & Changeable Jewelry
  • Trend analysis of jewelry
  • Upcoming Markets

Module 8

  • Metallurgy with calculations of different purity gold.
  • Alloy in different Karat purity

Module 9

  • Preview of diamonds from melee – star to solitaires & gemstones with different shapes and sizes
  • Stone weight calculations

Module 10

  • Client management
  • Budgeting & Costing of jewelry design
  • Design as per clients requirements (Customised Jewelry)

Module 11

  • Presentation capabilities & Marketing
  • Professional Portfolio for jewelry industry
  • Working on projects

Module 12

  • Examination and submission of projects
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  • Jewelry Consultant
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  • Freelance Jewelry Designing Business
  • Merchandiser
  • Jewelry Manufacturer
  • PD Executive
  • Arts & Cultural Jobs
  • Fashion Accessory Designer
  • Researcher
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