7 ingredients for a successful and trending jewelry design


Like all things in life, great jewelry is one that is well-balanced. Distribute the weight, size, color and space in the jewelry. Balance provides comfort to the wearer.
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Spotlights on the Attention Seeker. The focal point is the one that draws all eyes. The principle of emphasis depends on this focal point. Differentiate this point from the rest of the jewelry.


Human eyes follow patterns. Repetition in designs and rhythms create a sense of movement that takes our eyes on a journey from one focal point to the rest of the design.


A firm hand shake between the color, size, shape, and quantity within the elements of a piece of jewelry is proportion. When each of them unite and exist to compliment each other, we can say it's a wonderful piece!


Opposites attract, and opposites are attractive. The combination of opposing colors, opposing directions of design elements and opposite shade intensity as in dark and light is contrast. And such jewelry is in demand.


Walks alongs with proportion. The grouping of patterns and designs that are similar to each other, in a jewelry piece, creates an organized design. Such designs look neat and sophisticated.


When different parts of the jewelry come together with their own distinctive features and combine to form a flawless piece, its said to harmony. Harmony among jewelry pieces is as blissful as harmony among people.